Discover Our Vibrant Church History

Founded in 1862, our church has been a strong pillar in the Middle Georgia community for over 150 years. Our longevity is a testament to our spiritual strength and visionary leaders.

As slaves, our ancestors had to release their anger and frustration in ways that would not damage their souls. They prayed silently as they worked in the fields and sang their songs of freedom that would give them peace.

Religion brought tranquility to the courageous group of men and women who first organized the Mount Zion Church in 1862, and today we carry on their legacy as we seek to holistically develop people to be devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

Timeline of Progress

1862 – Founding of Mount Zion

The church was structured in 1862 on the principles of the Holy Bible. Unable to afford to build a church, these brothers and sisters worshipped wherever the Spirit led them to be of one accord with God. They praised God at each other’s homes, under shade trees, in open fields, brush arbors or anywhere befitting to glorify His name.

1884 – Land is Purchased

22 years after the founding of Mount Zion, members were able to buy land and build a church. The sum of $1 was paid for a deed to 1/2-acre of land in Bibb County on March 10, 1884. A wooden structure was built and became their house of worship. The transaction became a part of the Bibb County records on March 24, 1884. However, the church was restricted from holding either public meetings or anything of its kind in it and admonished to preserve good order. Failure to comply with the seller’s requirements to use the property for “worship only” would have resulted in losing the land they worked so diligently to purchase.

1974 – Preservation and Expansion

The members have always taken pride in the upkeep and beautification of the church. In 1974, volunteer efforts by a group of deacons led to brick and mortaring the original church.

1985 – Same Faith, New Name

During a church conference on June 19, 1985, Mount Zion Church was renamed Bibb Mount Zion Baptist Church by a unanimous vote; however, our Bible-based principles remained the same.

1988 – New Building is Complete

After voting on the name, members also voted to build a new church next door to the original building. The 4,000 square-foot structure was occupied on July 31, 1988.

1999 – Community Ministries Thrive

In May 1999 under the leadership of Pastor Teddy Parker, Next Level Community Development Center Inc. was organized to offer after school and summer programs for children 5 to 18 years old. This included offering a youth redevelopment center for young men ages 13-19.

2000 – Family Life Center Opens, Camp Zion Established

On March 19, 2000, a dedication program was held for the Family Life Center. The 13,495 square-foot building has state-of-the-art equipment, 12 classrooms, a modern kitchen, offices, and a gymnasium. In June, Camp Zion, a free summer camp program for children was established. Participants were taught mathematics, English, foreign languages, music, and Bible lessons.

2006 – New Dawn Counseling Center Opens

New Dawn Counseling Center, a DBA of Next Level, was opened in 2006. The center offers Christian-based therapy for people struggling with anxiety, depression, and more.

2014 – New Worship Center

In December 2014, the new 11,500 square-foot worship center was completed. The new sanctuary seats 650 people. The first service was held on New Year’s Eve 2014.

2018 – Multiple Ministries Launched & New Playground

In 2018 under the leadership of Pastor Paul Little multiple ministries launched and an intensive focus on community based activities. The ministries included:

  • BMZ Girl Squad – Partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice to provide mentoring at the local Macon Youth Development Camp.
  • Covenant Couples – Established to minister to married and engaged couples.
  • Level Up Internship – College Internship focused on providing students with an immersive experience. Students have an opportunity to receive college credit.
  • Open Hands – Interpretative Services for the deaf. The ministry also teaches sign language to individuals who desire to minister to congregants.
  • Trailblazers Adopt-A-School – Initiative designed to partner with local schools by providing supportive services.
  • Full-time Youth Minister & Part-time Children’s Ministry Director
  • Playground – New playground for the Youth Ministry dedicated.

2019 – New Ministries and Renovation of the Second Sanctuary

  • Fresh Start Men’s Mentoring – Partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • Second Sanctuary Renovation
  • J Whitney Award – Church recognized by the Boy Scouts of America for its’ work in the community


    Former Pastors

    The Bibb Mt. Zion Baptist Church Family has been blessed to have been led by the following Pastors:

    • Flemings
    • Dan Thomas
    • Ruffin Williams
    • E. D. Cummings
    • E. L. Bivins
    • W. W. Weaver
    • Joseph Anderson Holston
    • Christopher Tard
    • Teddy Parker Jr.