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BMZ Scheduled Events

Event Title
  Fitness/Tutoring6/19/18Tue7:00 PM
  WOW - Single Moms Night Out6/22/18Fri
  YOUTH - Father Daughter Dance6/23/18Sat
  WOW - Nursing Home Outreach6/23/18Sat
  Leading Lady Birthday Tea6/24/18Sun
  Fitness/Tutoring6/26/18Tue7:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring7/3/18Tue7:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring7/10/18Tue7:00 PM
  Young Adults - Cookout7/15/18Sun
  Fitness/Tutoring7/17/18Tue7:00 PM
  YOUTH - FL Trip7/19/18Thu
  WOW - Nursing Home Outreach7/21/18Sat
  Fitness/Tutoring7/24/18Tue7:00 PM
  Rated R Youth Conference7/28/18Sat11:00 am
  YOUTH - Back 2 School Bash7/29/18Sun
  Fitness/Tutoring7/31/18Tue7:00 PM
  Young Adults - College 1018/4/18Sat
  Fitness/Tutoring8/7/18Tue7:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring8/14/18Tue7:00 PM
  WOW - Nursing Home Outreach8/18/18Sat
  College Luncheon8/19/18SunImmed. After Worship
  Fitness/Tutoring8/21/18Tue7:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring8/28/18Tue7:00 PM
  YOUTH - Lock In (Mid & High)8/31/18Fri
  Academic Tutoring (YOUTH)9/1/18Sat9:00 AM
  Fitness/Tutoring9/4/18Tue7:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring9/11/18Tue7:00 PM
  Covenant Couples9/14/18Fri7:00 PM
  WOW - Nursing Home Outreach9/15/18Sat
  College Luncheon9/16/18SunImmed. After Worship
  Fitness/Tutoring9/18/18Tue7:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring9/25/18Tue7:00 PM
  WOW - Womens Conference9/28/18Fri
  Fitness/Tutoring10/2/18Tue7:00 PM
  Champions Ministry- PNO10/5/18Fri6:00 PM
  Academic Tutoring (YOUTH)10/6/18Sat9:00 AM
  Fitness/Tutoring10/9/18Tue7:00 PM
  YOUTH & Young Adults - Fair Day10/13/18Sat
  Fitness/Tutoring10/16/18Tue7:00 PM
  WOW - Nursing Home Outreach10/20/18Sat
  College Luncheon10/21/18SunImmed. After Worship
  Fitness/Tutoring10/23/18Tue7:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring10/30/18Tue7:00 PM
  YOUTH - Fall Festival10/31/18Wed6:00 PM
  Champions Ministry- PNO11/2/18Fri6:00 PM
  Academic Tutoring (YOUTH)11/3/18Sat9:00 AM
  Fitness/Tutoring11/6/18Tue7:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring11/13/18Tue7:00 PM
  WOW - Thanksgiving Baskets11/17/18Sat
  WOW - Nursing Home Outreach11/17/18Sat
  Fitness/Tutoring11/20/18Tue7:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring11/27/18Tue7:00 PM
  Academic Tutoring (YOUTH)12/1/18Sat9:00 AM
  Fitness/Tutoring12/4/18Tue7:00 PM
  Champions Ministry- PNO12/7/18Fri6:00 PM
  Fitness/Tutoring12/11/18Tue7:00 PM
  Covenant Couples12/14/18Fri7:00 PM
  WOW - Nursing Home Outreach12/15/18Sat
  Fitness/Tutoring12/18/18Tue7:00 PM
  YOUTH - Christmas Celebration12/19/18Wed6:00 PM
  WOW - Christmas Baskets12/22/18Sat

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